Witness some of the world’s most important archeological sites with a cruise visiting north Africa, the Red Sea and the Emirates.


This part of the world can offer some of the most unique itineraries, featuring destinations such as Madeira, Heraklion (Greece), Morocco, Oman, Jordan and the Emirates. You’ll experience a diverse range of landscapes, cultures and languages.


Visit traditional souks and bazaars in Morocco, see the ruins of an ancient city in Aqaba and grab your snorkeling gear for a visit to one of many notable dive spots including Abu Kafan and the Careless reef. Tick off sights like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Wadi Rum and Petra in Jordan and the great pyramids in Giza; with so much to see make sure to pack your comfiest walking shoes and extra memory cards for your camera!


On your journey through the Red Sea keep an eye out for Bottlenose, Spinner and Risso’s dolphins which all inhabit the region - those who are particularly keen to spot them can embark on boat tours for a better chance of spotting them.


Many cruises for this region embark or disembark at a port in the Mediterranean such as Naples or Trieste or in the UAE in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. It’s worth considering whether you’d prefer to have a longer flight on your journey out or back home so that you can choose an itinerary accordingly.


With warm temperatures and sunshine all year round, it’s never too early or too late for a Red Sea cruise holiday and here at WOWCruise we work with cruise lines like Costa Cruises, Celebrity and Cunard to offer you great value packages. Take a look at our offers below or get in touch with any questions you have on 0800 888 6787.



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Situated on the southern coast of Morocco, Agadir is a city that sits at the foothills of the Anti Atlas Mountains. Here you’ll discover a diverse range of points of interest including natural wonders like Souss-Massa National Park and fascinating cultural events like the Sunday Market - a popular bazaar with incredible offerings.

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The Suez Canal is an artificial waterway that crosses Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean and Red Sea. It officially opened in 1869, although construction began many decades before, making it a fascinating historic route. The landscape surrounding the canal offers stark desert plains and whilst it may not be the most beautiful, it’s a world away from your everyday and that’s what makes the Suez Canal so fascinating.

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Aqaba (for Petra)

Aqaba is a port city in Jordan that’s been inhabited since 4000 B.C. and today you can visit it’s Archaeological Museum for fascinating history and insight into the region. Many cruise ships will dock here overnight, giving you longer to explore. You’ll need the extra time too as Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, is a 53 minute drive away. Many cruisers who stop here also make the 2 hour journey to see the famous archaeological site of Petra containing tombs and temples carved into the pink sandstone cliffs. Keen divers should be sure to visit Yamanieh coral reef in the Aqaba Marine Park - it’s noted as being one of the top dive spots in the world.

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Natalia says "Whether you are discovering the land of the Pharaohs, Bazaars of Casablanca or the beaches of the Gambia you will make everlasting memories in North Africa"